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Having spots for things = being able to
find things

Well Organized Closet

Declutter - Organise - Simplify

There is nothing better than leaving your home knowing exactly where your keys, your phone and your handbag are within your home. No wasting time, no walking around in circles looking for these items. 


Imagine living in an organised home where you no longer have to worry when unexpected guests arrive. There is no need to sweep objects into the draw or cupboard as everything has its own space. 


This is the gift I want to give you and your family. Find Things helps people everyday declutter, organise, and simplify their spaces and storage areas in order to be able to find things to make their life easier. We work with you to understand you and your family and design a system so you can continue to have an organised home after we leave. 

Professional Organising Services

Here is a sample of our services - talk to us about customising a package to suit your needs.  

Computer Screen

Small Business Organisation

Personalised professional organising service to declutter, organise & simplify your systems, processes, paperwork and storage areas, so that you are able to easily find things and improve efficiency (digital and physical organisation included).

Moving In

Moving and Downsizing

Personalised hands on professional service to help you consider what to pack and what to leave behind prior to a move. Set up organised rooms and storage spaces in your new home.  Make the most of smaller spaces without compromising on lifestyle. 

Clothes Hanging

Home Organising Services

Personalised hands on professional organising service to declutter, organise and simplify storage solutions for separate rooms and storage spaces or the whole house, so that you are able to easily find things.

Cozy Living Room

Home Organising Services - NDIS

Personalised hands on professional organising service to assist NDIS participants to improve their daily life, promote independent living, develop organising skills and achieve their NDIS plan goals.

*Core funding must be plan-managed or self-managed

Hi, I'm Cassie

Professional Organiser


I believe that if everything has a place and you are able to quickly and easily find things this can lead to a home/office space that is calmer, tidier, more efficient and easily maintained as you are able to find the things you need and know what you have. 


I discovered the benefits of organisation early on, having a career in events I knew the value of creating environments that were both attractive and functional. My interest in professional organisation grew when my husband and I moved in together and needed to combine our two homes into one. Rather than purchasing a larger home, we decided to reduce our belongings and purchase clever storage solutions to match our needs.


I know first-hand the experience of living in an organised home and the benefits of having everything within reach. 


I enjoy working with my clients and teaching them about home organisation and seeing their faces when they realise how easy it is to stick to, once they have a system set up.

Having an organised home means coming home to a more relaxed space, knowing that I don’t have to clean and tidy my home after a full day at work. It also means knowing where everything is. Saving me time and effort. Cassie considered what I wanted to keep and how I use my space, making it easier for me to keep things in order after she left.

Christine, Pantry and Home Organisation


Cassie’s professional and considerate service helped my wife and I organise our home office. We both work from home on occasion however found it difficult to find important paper work and even use the space. Since Cassie came and helped us declutter and organise our home office space, we have found ourselves spending more time in the office rather than working from the kitchen or lounge room. 

Ben, Home Office Organisation

We needed to create a space for my daughter that allowed her to play and express herself while being neat and tidy for everyday use. Cassie worked with my daughter and I to create a system to help keep her bedroom tidy and create a layout for the special activity room for activities like dance and drawing. We both love it, thank you so much Cassie. 

Cindy, Bedroom Space and Storage Organisation

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